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Google optical illusion stickers make AI hallucinate | Daily Mail Online

iPhone App Promo Images such as these could be used to 'attack' image recognition systems, including those used in self-driving cars to avoid collisions. Hackers could use a sticker on a road sign to fool a vehicle's AI system into thinking it has seen a stop signal on a high-speed road. 'Optical illusion' stickers (left) that trick AI into seeing something that's not there have been created by Google researchers. The team designed a pattern that fools AI software into thinking it is looking at a toaster (red bar) instead of a banana (green bars) Patterns designed to fool AI systems into seeing objects that aren't there are called 'adversarial images'. They exploit weaknesses in the way computers look at the world by making them prioritise certain pixels in the image they are analysing. The researcher said their stickers work because the pattern they created is more noticeable to image-recognition systems than real-world objects. The toaster-inspired pattern effectively 'distracts' the software from seeing anything else in an image. The researchers even offer printable versions of the AI-fooling sticker to try at home.  A mask or pair of glasses fitted with certain patterns could help people slip past AI security systems designed to recognise faces. For their study, the San Francisco-based researchers created a colourful computer-generated design by sampling hundreds of photographs of toasters. When the image was placed next to an item, such as a banana, a number of neural networks believed they were seeing a toaster instead.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5234795/Google-optical-illusion-stickers-make-AI-hallucinate.html

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